Welcome to the other side of me!  I am an aficionado of wine....a true lover of the grape... and the beautiful process of growing, producing , and enjoying the incredible  "fruits" of the labor!  My focus has always been Italian grapes and learning, tasting, and understanding  the regions of these amazing wines! I will be posting many fantastic choices for you to taste! 

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My interest in wine quickly became a passion! Much like my love of music, wine and the journey of learning about it became addictive. I love to think about the beginning of a bottle of wine, from the region, history of the grape, the people who grow the grapes, pick the grapes, the wine maker who delicately shares his passion to create something beautiful, hoping it will be loved and shared by people he will never know or speak with! Wine is a living thing, constantly evolving from beginning until end when we pop the cork and indulge. It is meant to be shared , discussed , and enjoyed. It compliments food, as well as relationships between friends. It is used in celebrations, as a toast to the past and the future.  A beautiful bottle of vino signifies much more than just “a drink”, it’s an experience!  

My focus quickly became Italian grapes, and the wines produced by them. Italy has over 350 granted "authorized" varietals and 500 other documented varieties in circulation.  Known by region ( not the grape like domestic wines), it can become confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming.  

I have a lot of exciting things on the horizon including special events, classes, and features on Italian wines as well as a wine tour to Italy. 

I also am available to host wine, food, and music events ! 

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 I love to talk about wine! The kind of grapes, the terroir where they grow, what it takes to actually make it great! Then the discussion of how to taste the amazing array of flavors on your palate can be simple or as complex as you make it. 

I always say, a great bottle of wine is one YOU enjoy!

Teaching truly is my other passion and is so much fun. Here are some comments from recent events I taught and performed music. From 10 people to 100, we can make it work.

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Sometimes referred to as the "Barolo of the South", Aglianico is one of my favorite grapes in Italy! Thriving in the southern region in Campania and Basilicata, this delicious wine is one to definitley search out and try. This particular label from D'ANGELO is absolutely wonderful. Full bodied flavors of blackberry, dark fruits, pipe tobacco, Balsamic vinegar, and earth, it was the perfect pairing with grilled flank steak and roasted garlic potatoes! Do yourself a favor and try this in place of a domestic Cabernet! Your palate will thank you!