Welcome to the other side of me!  I am an aficionado of wine....a true lover of the grape... and the beautiful process of growing, producing , and enjoying the incredible  "fruits" of the labor!  My focus has always been Italian grapes and learning, tasting, and understanding  the regions of these amazing wines! I will be posting many fantastic choices for you to taste! 


My interest in wine quickly became a passion! Much like my love of music, wine and the journey of learning about it became addictive. I love to think about the beginning of a bottle of wine, from the region, history of the grape, the people who grow the grapes, pick the grapes, the wine maker who delicately shares his passion to create something beautiful, hoping it will be loved and shared by people he will never know or speak with! Wine is a living thing, constantly evolving from beginning until end when we pop the cork and indulge. It is meant to be shared , discussed , and enjoyed. It compliments food, as well as relationships between friends. It is used in celebrations, as a toast to the past and the future.  A beautiful bottle of vino signifies much more than just “a drink”, it’s an experience!  

My focus quickly became Italian grapes, and the wines produced by them. Italy has over 350 granted "authorized" varietals and 500 other documented varieties in circulation.  Known by region ( not the grape like domestic wines), it can become confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming.  

I have a lot of exciting things on the horizon including special events, classes, and features on Italian wines as well as a wine tour to Italy. 

I also am available to host wine, food, and music events ! 

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Holiday Party Wines!

It seems like the holidays arrive faster each year and with them comes parties, family gatherings , and snuggling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa! Whaaaaat?? Cocoa my foot... bring ME a hearty red wine!

Our friends at Trader Joe’s, (who seem to have a great wine buyer ) know how to budget properly to bring us these tasty, fun selections that won’t break the bank and are perfect party choices!

Our food selections included mixed greens topped with roasted vegetables, dressed with toasted ground mustard seed vinaigrette. Following with hardy cheeses, olives, Prosciutto, venison jerky, and Italian baguette covered in pesto and pomegranate! To finish this wonderful evening, cheese cake of course!

◦ For those who prefer white over red wines, we started our evening with the delightful Vignobles Lacheteau Pouilly Fumé from the Loire Valley, France. To even come close to this quality at this price is unheard of. The grape is Sauvignon Blanc, which

flourish in the Loire Valley region. I must confess, I’ve never been a huge Sauvignon Blanc fan, especially those that are over acidic and high concentrated in flavor. However, this one is very delicate and soft on the palate,with flavors of citrus, lemon, and grapefruit. Absolutely delightful with the salad and triple cream wild mushroom brie cheese. A great starter wine!

◦ 2020 Vignobles Lacheteau Pouilly Fume. $15.99

Now we venture from France to Spain with this delicious blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Garnache.
“XOTE The Silence” is an outstanding value and a great party wine. The label is quite striking and appears more expensive than it is. The blend of these four grapes works so well together to deliver soft tannins and nicely balanced fruit flavors that are very easy to drink! Blackberries, blueberries, and dark cherry! You could pair this with nearly anything except fish... Or just drink it on its own! Sure to be a crowd pleaser and a wonderful every day drinker. Highly recommend! It complimented the Green goddess Gouda cheese which I was a bit doubtful anything would pair with that!

“XOTE The Silence” $5.99

Our next adventure was to an ancient grape from southern Italy, grown only in the Apulia region, Susamaniello is it’s name. It means “little black donkey“. It’s likely you’ve never heard of this grape as it’s not easy to find, but it’s well worth the hunt!

It was primarily used as a blending grape that has now proven itself to stand on its own to vines! Genetic testing has shown that it’s a close relative to one of my other favorite grapes, Sangiovese!

Full-bodied, with blueberry mixed with red fruit, tobacco, and a bit of tar on the nose. It paired perfectly with the mozzarella with pesto and

Pomegranates. And, it comes in a very cool bottle that is sure to spark discussion at the table.

Ruggero di Bardo Susamaniello $9.99

Now heading north to Tuscany.The primary grape in this region is Sangiovese (think Chianti). Sangiovese has always stood on its own, a total rock star, but it is also blended to create what is known as a “Super Tuscan”. Using grapes like Merlot, Cabernet Savignon, and Syrah, it can be an orgasm for your palate!
“Paggio Al Casone” is a blend of 80% Sangiovese and 20% Syrah. I’ll be honest, I was hoping for this to be a little bigger than it was, but the flavor was delightful and distinctive. I found after it opened, more of the fruit flavors and subtle complexities came forward in this medium body vini. Like having black cherries mixed with fresh blackberries and balsamic notes, it paired wonderfully with the prosciutto and the Venison jerky. The saltiness of the meats and the Creamy Tuscan cheese were balanced beautifully with the dryness of the wine.

Paggio Al Casone $9.99

Load up the Ferrari, we’re driving to Piedmont! Barolo,made from the Nebbiolo grape, is known as royalty in Italy and around the world. The king of wines! It must be aged for a minimum of 36 months before its release, 18 months must be in French Oak barrels. If it goes past five years before it’s released , it is known as a “Riserva”.

“Corte Barolo” is one of the best values in the Trader Joe’s selection! To even get a decent bottle of Nebbiolo for this price is impossible. For a mere $12.99, you’re walking out with a Barolo! Granted, it’s not going to change your life, (or it might), but at this price you could enjoy it weekly and not feel guilty.

A hint of vanilla and cherry flavor blended, it’s almost like a cherry cheesecake... but not sweet at all. Nice mild tannin, it pairs

wonderfully with almost any Italian cuisine or just drink it on its own! This is my number one choice of this grouping of wines!
Have it with everything we had tonight!


Our final selection and an absolutely unreal desert wine is also from Tuscany! Unfortunately this wine is not available at Trader Joe’s, so you will have to search it out, but trust me it’s well worth it. You’ve never tasted anything like this!

“Vinsanto del Chianti Classico” is heaven on you taste buds! Brought to you by Eros Spinozzi Selections. A blend of 50% Trebbiano and 50% Malvasia grapes.The process includes hanging the grapes to air dry naturally and then the must is placed in a small wood cast. The alcohol has to reach 16% as maximum level and the aging is 10 years in Oak.

We actually drizzled this over the top of a beautiful, delicate cheesecake, and also sipped it on the side....DELICIOSO to say the least! Fruity with bitter almond and honey! WOW!
A must have for your holiday aperitif!

“IL Brunone Vinsanto del Chianti Classico” $45.00

As much as I adore wine, music is my first love. I currently have nine albums released and recently finished a beautiful Christmas record!
I hope you will add to your family tradition with “CHRISTMAS IN MY TOWN”. It’s a sincere approach to traditional Christmas songs including my original , “Christmas In My Town” that will bring “warm and fuzzies” to you while sipping your wine by the fire! I am proud to mention this song was placed in the Hallmark movie, “Mistletoe Magic”.

This is a record truly from my heart and sure to bring joy to your holiday gatherings!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy holiday season!

Thank you, Denny Jiosa *